PROBLEM: To design a universal, minimalistic and non-obtrusive corporate identity for the Visual Merchandising industry brand. To create a coherent image of a company designing, manufacturing and selling mannequins, as it further improves and responds to strategic points within its development, such as launching products on the British and German markets.

IDEA: Corporate identity compared to a mannequin. It is minimalistic and non-obtrusive enough to be dressed and stylised depending on what is needed.

SOLUTION: Having comprehensive, long-term customer service allowed us to develop a uniform language for most of the advertising materials. We presented the brand in a conscious and modern way while on the same level as the foreign competition. In addition, we promoted the brand on the internet. Not only did we suggest solutions for online image portfolio, but we were also responsible for the design of the web stores, which gave priority to the sales issues. We ran the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), which resulted in an increased number of recipients. We were present at each shooting session, where we retouched and designed prints, the packaging and even the product itself at times. Our concern was to make the brand image MORE original and explicit, notwithstanding the specific nature of the industry.

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Skills Art Direction, Branding, Digital, Illustration, Packaging, Photography, Post-production, Print, Web Design